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La-Mulana 2

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20/03/2020 00:00 Logros de La-Mulana 2
Dragon of Embraces
Shouldered World
Insane Sun
Twined Malice
Memories of Ruins
Grab a Wall
Seek a Higher Place
Stop Time
Knowledge is Power
Take a Walk on the Dark Side
Running Like The Wind
Treasure Hunter
Master Key
Serial Application
Encyclopedia Completionist
Watch Where You're Whipping
Once You Read It, You Can Never Go Back
Dear Foolish Adventurer
She's Back
Lights of the Fairies
How About a Makeover?
Corridor of Blood
Moment of Release
By Sheer Grit
All I Need is One Arm
All I Need is One Finger!
What's the Wig Idea?
Say Cheese!
Sky People
Flaming Fist
Reproduction of Power
Last Guardian
9th Child
Ancient Alien Hypothesis
Brahma's Trial
The End
Long Live the Queen
The Dark Lord's Nest
The Philosopher's Departure
Like Father, Like Daughter
Visiting the Underworld
The World Beyond Death
Pro Regular
Everyone Has Their Reasons
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