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05/05/2017 00:00 Logros de AFL Evolution
Cannot Separate Them
I See It But I Do Not Believe It
On A String
Putting on a Clinic
Down to the Wire
Having a Shocker
Tackle Fest
The Barrel
A Day Out
Lockett End
Coast to Coast
Complete Player
Single Minded
Premiership Quarter
Local Heroes
Footy is Back!
One Game at a Time
Back to the Drawing Board
Total Domination
Double Chance
Hall of Famer
Back to Back to Back
Sharp Shooter
200 Club
Cream of the Crop
One Team Player
The Kid Has Potential
Rookie Choice
Are You Experienced?
The Big League
Leadership Group
Learning the Ropes
Ball Sense
Old Hand
Wise Head
AFL Novice
AFL Rookie
AFL Free Agent
AFL Veteran
Bragging Rights
New Recruit
Expansion Granted
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