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11/04/2017 00:00 Logros de Crawl
A Taste For Revenge
A Death Feud
A Vengeance Insatiable
The Lonely Miser
The Wealthy Merchant
The Gilded Baron
Vermin's Scourge
Dragon's Bane
Adequately Equipped
The Novice Scholar
The Acclaimed Collector
The Renowned Antiquarian
Stone Awoken
Burrowing Terror
The Gamekeeper
The Beastmaster
The Demontamer
Glub Blasphemed
S'hrim Denied
Qaahl Forgotten
Gor Disavowed
Gholoth Shunned
The Tentacle Severed
The Beast Beheaded
The Stone Shattered
Goliath and Goliath
Lloyd and Goliath
A Duel of Archers
True Escape
The Sickly Champion
A Piercing Bolt
The Butcher
Manic Greed
Unstoppable Force
Altered Altered Beast
Brain Haemorrhage
Unfettered Strength
Unceasing Lethargy
A Bloody Conquest
Brute Force Alone
Infinite Horror
A Healthy Victory
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