Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom

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26/08/2016 00:00 Logros de Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom
All Requirements Achieved
Survey Merit 1
Survey Merit 2
Survey Merit 3
Reliable Comrade
Hope for Everyone
Exceptional One
Continuous Subjugation Medal
Largest Count of Subjugation Medal
Complete Subjugation Medal
Journey to the Unknown 1
Journey to the Unknown 2
Journey to the Unknown 3
Journey to the Unknown 4
First Class Soldier
Strongest Army Corps
First Time for Development
Necessary Investment
Devote Your Lives to the Cause!!
Counterattack Roar
The Greatest Soldier of All Humanity
Results of Training
Lightning Speed
Trustworthy Comrades
Mutual Support
Don't Miss an Opportunity
Complete Victory
Overcome a Life and Death Situation
Thorough Preparation
Exceptional Subjugation Teamwork
Strong Team
Honorable Salute
Overcome the Fear of Death
Top Level Cadet
Outstanding Attack 1
Outstanding Attack 2
Outstanding Attack 3
Outstanding Attack 4
Special Subjugation Medal 1
Special Subjugation Medal 2
Titan with Intelligence
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