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Blast 'Em Bunnies

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11/03/2016 00:00 Logros de Blast 'Em Bunnies
Boss Killer!
You da Boss Now!
Easy Pickings
Tough Tykes
Viscious Villains
Ooh Shiny
Every Little Helps
Junior Saver
Piggy Bank
Cash Cow
High Roller
First Blood
Getting a taste for this…
The fur, the fur…
Must shoot more stuff…
Can't stop now…
I see dead bunnies…
Ka… Wow!!!
Ooh so cute!
Aaarrggh take this!
I can't stop shooting!!
All Nighter
Night Owl
Family Reunion!
Easy Money!
Getting my fix
New Hobby
Part Time Job
A New Career
Someone help me…
Today's work
Workin' 9-5
Still Playin'
I've come this far…
Dedication's what you need
All puffed out!
Bang you're dead!
They go BOOM!
The bigger they are…
Keepin' it cool
Ouch they hurt!
Death Sucks
Give me POWER!!
Rifle of DEATH!
Machinegun Maniac!
I love LASERS!!
Fully Loaded!
I <3 more health!
A <3 supreme!
It goes boom!
Tooled up!
A crate full!
A barrel of bangs!
A pile of pips!
A lick of lasers!
Too many toys!
Easy Peasy!
That's Normal?
Hard for some!
Super Effort
Ultra Player
Bang, the Boss goes down!
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